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  • Decommission Nuclear Fuels Processing Plant
  • Over 200,000 Square Feet of Buildings
  • Rappel and Fast Rope
  • Live Fire / Explosives Range - Scalable up to 300 Yards
  • CQC structures-SRTA and Simunition® throughout
  • 800 Meter Sniper Range
  • 50 Million Gallon Controlled Access Private-Water Training Area
  • Towers and Ascending Structures for Fast Roping and Rappelling at Multiple Heights and Difficulties
  • Facilities to mimic small or large scale CBRNE production and operations
  • Rotary Wing Roof top Landings
  • Certified Helipad - MH53 / CH47 Capable
  • Miles of Pipes and Large Tanks
  • Driving Area for Convoy Operations and PSD Training
  • Secure Environment to Conduct a Wide Variety of Tactics, Techniques, Procedures, and Equipment Testing & Evaluation
  • Complex is Simunition® and SRTA ® Capable
  • Night Vision Electro Optics - Blackout Capable
  • Briefing Areas / Classrooms

View the JOC CBRNE Training Capabilities

Download a copy of the GTI Training Centers Capabilities PDF File

The Joint Operations Center is located at 1321 Technology Drive Barnwell, SC 29812.
The location coordinates are N +33° 15' 0.62", W -81° 29' 25.00".
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