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Law enforcement tactical teams are an expensive venture, full of cost and high in liability. Tactical operations often make the news and many citizens and agencies alike are questioning the need and value of these operations and the teams that conduct them. Agencies and their personnel are under a scrutinizing microscope. The "militarization of law enforcement" theme that has made news headlines in recent years has gained a new fervor.

In the past several years there have been a skyrocketing number of litigations against law enforcement for tactical operations. The number of lawsuits and the amount of money needed to defend the lawsuits (and make settlements and pay out large verdicts) has increased exponentially.

Organizations throughout the U.S. are analyzing the cost v. benefit of maintaining these high-risk units and organizations as part of their agencies and capabilities.

Despite the risk of having tactical teams, they are an invaluable life-saving asset when properly constructed, trained, and deployed. Whether it is the life of innocents, hostages or officers; the political careers of you and your staff; the organizational life of the agency; or the history of your profession; the risk of not having a team capable of handling the multitude of threats that law enforcement must concern themselves with today can be far greater than the risk of having them.

GTI's Tactical Command and Leadership System minimizes the frequency and severity of risks and develops true capabilities through training, assessment, external vetting and consulting programs.

The target audience for the courses consists of; Agency Heads, Tactical Commanders, Team Leaders, Assistant Team Leaders, Agency Risk Managers, and Legal Advisors.
Though this course centers specifically around tactical operations, other divisions such as CID, patrol, special units and jail personnel can apply the same techniques learned in the course to their divisions within the agency.

Training for Team Leaders and Commanders

Tactical Leadership and Command Cornerstones (TC1)

Main Course Topics include:

  • Managing Risks in Tactical Operations
  • Establishing Team Capability Requirements
  • Team Capability Evaluation Analysis and Testing
  • Leadership and Training Considerations
  • Functional Solutions for Tactical Teams

Course Length is 5 Days and there are no prerequisite courses.

Managing Risks and Developing Course of Action in Tactical Operations and Training (TC2)

Main Course Topics include:

  • The Tactical Decision Making Process
  • Preliminary Organizational Risk Analysis
  • Comprehensive Organizational Risk Management

Course Length is 3 Days and there are no prerequisite courses.

Establishing Team Capability Requirements (TC3)

Main Course Topics include:

  • Risk v. Frequency Analysis
  • Developing Mission Tasks
  • Derive Conditions
  • Developing and Applying Standards

Course Length is 5 Days and there is a prerequisite of the Managing Risks in Tactical Operations (TC2) course.

Team Capability Evaluation, Analysis and Testing (TC4)

Main Course Topics include:

  • Defining the Process
  • Gap Analysis

Course Length is 5 Days and there is a prerequisite of the Establishing Team Capability Requirements (TC3).

Functional Solutions for Tactical Teams (TC5)

Main Course Topics include:

  • The DOTM(m)LPF Analysis
  • Solutions Analysis
  • The Multi-Attribute Decision-Making Process

Course Length is 5 Days and there is a prerequisite of the Team Capability Evaluation, Analysis and Testing (TC4) course.

Tactical Commander's College (TC6)

This course is made up of curriculum from courses TC2 through TC5. Students can take this course as a stand-alone course or may gain certification through successful completion of TC2, TC3, TC4 and TC5 individually. Students who take the individual courses must successfully graduate each individual course within 18 months to be awarded the Tactical Command College certificate. Course Length is 18 Days and there are no prerequisite courses.

Consulting / Evaluation & Assessment / Vetting Services

GTI offers agencies another layer of legal protection from negligence claims by providing outside evaluation, assessment, and vetting services. Through our consulting services we can assist in building doctrine and policy, defining mission requirements, assessing true capabilities, and/or assist in identifying the most efficient and cost-effective solutions at filling performance gaps. If the team's capabilities are already operating at high levels of efficiency and effectiveness, GTI can serve as an outside validation and vetting source for:

  • Policy, doctrine, tactics, techniques and procedures
  • Organizational design and culture
  • Training content, hours, focus and design
  • Equipment selection, maintenance and employment
  • Leadership selection and effectiveness
  • Operator selection and effectiveness
  • Facilities and training structure requirements

Contact GTI, by calling 803-259-1935 or emailing info@gtitraining.org, and we can provide written proposal to attend training. An option to assist with funding to attend this course is GTI's Asset Trading Program (ATP). Click the link in the menu above to find out more about this program.