Officer Survival (3 Days)

There is no way to predict the future and the events a police officer may encounter are most-often sudden, violent and unexpected. These situations become very fluid and dynamic. Officers who have prepared themselves mentally and physically often hold the key to survival in that preparation. GTI's Officer Survival Course is three days, 24 hours in length. It's a unique mixture of lecture and Force of Force situations.

Often our survival hinges on our perception and reaction to those perceptions. When those reactions are calculated, well-conceived, and properly executed, the opportunity for success is greatly increased. When our reactions are based on false beliefs, television, motion picture fantasy or surprise, those opportunities to survive are greatly diminished. Officers who have found themselves in sudden and violent confrontations often remark how different they really are from what they expected them to be. This intensive three day (24 hour) officer survival program will teach officers the all vital skill sets that are needed to survive and win sudden and violent encounters. Students will review several officer involved shootings and other critical incidents caught on tape.

Throughout the three day course the students will be exposed to practical exercises designed to enhance decision making process and physical skills needed to deal with violent encounters. Officers will deploy various tools they commonly carry to react with various escalation and de-escalation of force. Students will make split second decisions and articulate their reactions. Training will occur in a variety of environments, including low light. New skills will be developed in practical exercises using force-on-force scenarios.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Braced Contact - Weapons Retention
  • Arrest and Control Techniques
  • Dealing with Multiple Suspects
  • Contact 3 C's
  • Operating in a Low Light Environment
  • Fighting from a Patrol Vehicle
  • Fighting from the Ground
  • Training for Reality

Required Gear List:

  • BDU's (3 days)
  • Duty Belt & Holster
  • Duty Vest
  • Groin Protection
  • Eye & Ear Protection
  • Simunition FX Sidearm (if available)
  • Glock 9mm (model 17 or 19) Sidearm (if available)
  • A Learning Attitude

Download the Officer Survival Student Registration Form

Contact GTI, by calling 803-259-1935 or emailing, and we can provide written proposal to attend training. An option to assist with funding to attend this course is GTI's Asset Trading Program (ATP). Click the link in the menu above to find out more about this program.