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Government Training Institute Newsletter March 2018

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GTI Monthly Mission Brief

GTI Monthly Mission Brief
The Government Training Institute is committed to those responsible for our national security, the safety of our citizens and the future of our great nation. Through the most intense and realistic training, thorough and comprehensive research, and honest and ethical consulting, we prepare our country's military, law enforcement and first responders to face all challenges with knowledge and confidence.
Upcoming Training Classes:

GTI delivers sound, tested, operational experience, and course development that makes up realistic, modern, and effective training classes. Click the links below to check out some of the classes we have coming up:

March 26 - 30
Joint Operations Center Exercise (Barnwell, SC)

March 26 - April 13
Type 3 Advanced SWAT (Barnwell, SC)

March 26 - April 18
Type 2 Advanced SWAT (Barnwell, SC)

March 26 - April 20
Type 1 Advanced SWAT (Barnwell, SC)

April 23 - May 11
Custom Advanced SWAT Course (Barnwell, SC)

May 4 - 6
Joint Operations Center Exercise (Barnwell, SC)

May 14 - 18
Tactical Command College TC4 Session (Bozeman, MT)
Team Capability Evaluation, Analysis and Testing

May 22 - 24
Custom SWAT Course (Barnwell, SC)

Advanced Sniper Training

Advanced SWAT Training

Custom SWAT Training

Duane Lopez - Tactical Instructor

Duane Lopez - Tactical Instructor
Instructor of the Month:
Lieutenant Duane Lopez
(Tactical Instructor)

Lieutenant Duane Lopez is an 18 year veteran of the Orange County Sheriff's Office, a U.S. Army Veteran and has operational experience as an EMT and Firefighter. Along with Duane's extensive background in military, law enforcement, and first responding Duane is also an experienced instructor specializing in Firearms, Patrol Tactics, SWAT and Active Shooter Response.

During his 18 years at the Sheriff's Office he attained numerous certifications like FBI and New York State DCJS Firearms, Instructor, FBI Carbine Instructor, Taser Instructor, Emergency Response to Terrorism: Operations Instructor, Blackwater SWAT Instructor, Active Shooter Response Instructor, and much more!

The Great Debate Continues
AK-47 vs AR-15

One of the Great Debates that we will be talking about this month is the ever lasting battle between the AK-47 and the AR-15. These two rifles have been mortal enemies since the dawn of time. Each rifle has many pros and a few cons people always argue about trying to decide which is the superior rifle. I dove into this debate head first and gave my opinion on who was the superior winner in this heavy weight battle!

The Great Debate:AK-47 vs AR-15
M&P 9 2.0 vs Glock 17 Gen 5
M&P 9 2.0 vs Glock 17 Gen 5

The other one of the Great Debates we will talk about this month is the everlasting battle between Smith and Wesson's M&P series and Glock. To make this an even battle I specifically chose the latest versions of these two polymer frame pistols along and chose the full size equivalent of each. In this battle it's the new M&P 9 2.0 versus the new Glock 17 Gen 5! Which one is the superior pistol? I guess you'll have to read more to find out!

Close Quarters Combat Review Of Government Training Institute
Close Quarters Combat Network Does An Article About GTI

GTI has partnered up with Close Quarter Combat Network. Recently they wrote an amazing article giving an in depth look into our facility in Barnwell South Carolina.

Visit Close Quarters Combat Network's Website And Check It Out
Pop Smoke With Mean Gene

In the first installment of "Pop Smoke with Mean Gene" Gene Norton, instructor, training coordinator and resident pipe and cigar enthusiast with the Government Training Institute goes over the necessary steps of setting up a humidor. This section of the monthly newsletter will contain articles, reviews and tutorials geared toward all things smoke related from cigars, pipes and whiskey to smoking delicious meats.

Read More From Mean Gene
Pop Smoke With Mean Gene
Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno and Cheese Stuffed Chicken
Chow Call

Chow Call is a new section we will be having that will give you a recipe to cook your own amazing dish that we all love in the GTI Camp. This month we have a recipe for "Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno and Cheese Stuffed Chicken". Enjoy this new section of our monthly newsletter and let us know if you ever try one of the recipes and share your experience with us!

Check Out The Recipe
Asset Trading Program

The Asset Trading Program was formed to benefit underfunded law enforcement agencies by trading forfeited and seized assets and surplus law enforcement equipment in exchange for training, non-budgeted equipment and much more.

Contact Toni Today To Request More Info
Generation III Wraith Tactical CARR Pack in Stealth Gray and Ranger Green
Toni Williamson, Administrative Assistant for the ATP discusses how the Asset Trading Program can benefit agencies and suppliers alike.
Read More.
Generation III Wraith Tactical CARR Pack in Stealth Gray
Wraith Tactical Corner

Have you picked up your CARR Pack yet? Visit the Wraith Tactical website and pick yours up today!

Visit Wraith Tactical

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