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The Government Training Institute Inc is a private law enforcement training, police training, and military training facility and mobile team. The Government Training Institute offers agencies and units a full training facility featuring; mat rooms, ten thousand square feet of moveable walls for close quarters combat, a low light training area, two fully equipped classrooms, an arsenal of training weapons, live fire facilities, an obstacle course, a use of force laboratory and secure weapon storage designed to meet the training needs of military and law enforcement personnel.

The Department of Homeland Security has approved the following curriculums for delivery:

The Department of Homeland Security distributes billions of dollars in grants to states, territories, urban areas and transportation authorities under programs to bolster national preparedness capabilities and protect critical infrastructure. Department of Homeland Security funds can be used to cover training costs, airfare, mileage, per diem, hotels, position back-fills along with other costs associated with the specific training.

Visit the U.S. Department of Homeland Security FEMA website to identify your specific state's point of contact and learn how to apply for and schedule training.

All of GTI's courses listed above are included in the State Sponsored Catalog PDF File which can also be located on the FEMA site.