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Urban Movement Techniques

The objective of this block of instruction is to give the students a basic overall understanding of dismounted urban movement techniques in a non-permissive environment and how it applies to a wide variety of missions. Students will learn what actions to take when actively engaged by enemy fire utilizing coordinated fire and movement, communications, speed, momentum and violence of action. Students will learn how to move through structures, cross alleyways and T- intersections as platoon size elements during combat operations. The instructors for this block of instruction have over twenty years of combined experience conducting both training and real world operations in close quarters combat (CQC).

Urban Movement (Urban Movement Techniques 2 hours lecture / 8 hours PE)

At the end of this block of instruction, the student will have the necessary knowledge of tactics and techniques to successfully conduct operations in a non-permissive environment through the use of the following principles:

  1. Coordinated fire and movement
  2. Communications
  3. Speed
  4. Momentum
  5. Violence of action


40 Students

Who Should Attend:

Security and law enforcement professionals, military personnel or any other professions who are responsible for establishing security requirements for antiterrorism and force protection, crime prevention, and/or designing facilities to protect personnel and assets from terrorist and other criminals.

Course Availability:

The course is offered for any National Guard, Army Reserve, or other Unit. In addition, any Government agency or authorized Government contractor can arrange for and sponsor a workshop to be held at their location. Contact the Government Training Institute, Inc for registrations or mobile training. Courses designed specific for NGO's should contact GTI directly.

Required Gear List:

  • BDU'S
  • Kevlar Helmets
  • Web Gear
  • Goggles
  • Gloves
  • Boots

Be prepared for weather, this course is mostly practical exercises