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Tactical Breaching / Manual, Ballistic, and Introduction to Explosives

The core curriculum of tactical breaching is primarily manual breaching with an introduction to explosive breaching. The explosive breaching portion does not have a certification and is used only to raise the awareness of the student to advanced methods of breaching.

The course will orient the student with the principles and tools used for manual breaching, to include ballistic, exothermic, gas powered and manual tools, and provide the student with the capabilities to breach commonly used intrusion prevention devices. The student will be able to assess a target, determine the correct breaching tool and technique to be used, then functionally defeat the target using the principles taught in the course.

Operating mechanisms of lock devices used in residential, business and industrial environments will be covered in depth to orient the student to the vast methods of intrusion prevention.

The student will be familiarized with the design characteristics and techniques of employment of the various types of tools available in the breaching industry. The types of tools the breacher is familiarized with are manual, hydraulic, electrical, and gas operated. Pro's and Con's of the tools and the multiple accessories associated with them are discussed in detail.

Many unconventional techniques will be taught in order to keep the breacher thinking "outside the box." This course contains vast amounts of hands on training with self and peer performance critics. Instructors will challenge breachers with multiple complex situations to navigate along differing degrees of stress to simulate the operational environment.

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