Government Training Institute


Sniper Course (5 Days)

GTI's Sniper Course is an intensive 5 day course covering fundamental rifle marksmanship, sniper weapon systems, sniper log books, optics, environmental factors, range determination methods, spotter duties and responsibilities, sniping in an urban environment, observation and reporting methods, camouflage & concealment, sniper team movement techniques, sniper weapon system maintenance.

The first day of the course is devoted to classroom work that provides an in depth view of sniper operations, tools of the trade and tactic and techniques. The remaining four days are trigger time intensive range days that will bring the sniper to a high level of confidence in his weapon system and his personal capabilities, culminating in an extensive qualification exam. During the range days the sniper will be exposed to various targets at known and unknown ranges. The sniper will also be required to engage targets with time limited exposures and movers.

Individual Equipment Needs:

  • Scoped rifle / 450 rounds of match grade ammunition
    • Ammunition for range sessions available for purchase through GTI
  • Spotting scope / Binoculars
  • Wind meter / Range finder / Communication equipment used in the field
  • Rifle data book / Shooting Mat
  • Weapon cleaning supplies
  • Eye and ear protection
  • Alternate shooting support i.e. back pack, tri pod, shooting sticks etc.
  • Note taking equipment
  • Hydration system
  • Sun glasses / Sun screen / Bug spray
  • BDU's for 5 days / Rain gear / Hat
  • Night vision scope (if available)