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Basic and Advanced Sniper Training

The job of a highly trained marksman is to be able to deliver accurate fire on targets at different ranges. You are a support mechanism to overall mission success. A sniper should be able to operate, when needed, as a scout, intelligence gatherer, over watch and be in a position to accurately interdict targets.

In the world of law enforcement sniper operations, the sniper can end a dangerous hostage situation with a single shot. Being in a position to observe and relay information while remaining unseen is of critical importance. With all the technical wizardry of today, the sniper will ensure that the on scene commander has the proper information to make command decisions as the situation develops. You are the “eyes” of the operation.

GTI’s Basic Sniper course is an intensive 5 day course which covers an introduction to basic sniper, sniper nomenclature, weapon selection and maintenance, weapon manipulation, shooting fundamentals, ballistics, target engagement, team movement and sniper operations.

GTI’s Advanced Sniper course is an intensive 4 day course which covers an introduction to advanced sniper, basic fundamentals, camouflage and tactical movement, final firing positions, observation and field sketching, ranging, wind evaluation, moving targets, barriers, low light firing, angular shooting and long range shooting.

Individual Equipment Needs:

  • Scoped rifle / Match grade ammunition (450 rounds for Basic or 300 rounds for Advanced)
    • Ammunition for range sessions available for purchase through GTI
  • Spotting scope / Binoculars
  • Wind meter / Range finder / Communication equipment used in the field
  • Rifle data book / Shooting Mat
  • Weapon cleaning supplies
  • Alternate shooting support i.e. back pack, tri pod, shooting sticks etc.
  • Note taking equipment
  • Hydration system
  • Eye and ear protection
  • Sun glasses / Sun screen / Bug spray
  • BDU's (5 days for Basic) (4 days for Advanced) / Rain gear / Hat
  • Night vision scope (if available)

Download the Basic and Advanced Sniper Student Registration Form   PDF File