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Scouting / Close Threat Reconnassance (5 Days)

During this 5 day course students will learn the basic skills necessary to conduct Close Target Reconnaissance (CTR) in support of law enforcement and military operations. Students will learn the following:

  • Purpose of CTR
  • Types of CTR (audio, video manned and unmanned)
  • Methods of CTR (remote cameras, directional microphones, vehicle tagging and personnel tagging)
  • Phases of CTR (beginning with the pick up and ending with housing the subject)
  • Operational environment (understanding everything from the inhabitants to street configurations)
  • Team preparations and communications planning (deploying CTR personnel, communicating with remote devices, and conducting counter surveillance while performing the CTR)

The instructors for this course are experienced in CTR and counter surveillance operations acquired while serving with USSOCOM and various law enforcement agencies.

Download the Scouting / Close Threat Reconnassance Student Registration Form   PDF File