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GTI Training Facility Hosts Custom Canine Unlimited Courses

Custom Canine Unlimited Joins GTI in Joint Venture

Custom Canine Unlimited has joined GTI in a joint venture to increase the training capabilities of both companies. CCU was started in 2003 and is a law enforcement and canine training company that trains both the dogs and handlers in the areas of detection, tracking, apprehension, and protection. All our training staff are from a K9 handler or K9 trainer background in law enforcement or military work.

We have training curriculum that not only helps the K9 team bond, but prepares them to hit the streets with the knowledge and experience to do their job.

All our training and course work is based on case law and our focus is to ensure that our high standards of performance help you close cases and reduce liability to you and your department. We provide our teams national certifications with standards higher than most local and state standards. Our team has helped to write the standard for several states and our whole team of trainers are called on for their expertise on the local, state and federal level.

To find out more about our law enforcement training and our VA training programs please look us up at

Courses being delivered by Custom Canine Unlimited at GTI's Joint Operations Center

Criminal Interdiction Basics

August 21 @ 9:00 am - August 23 @ 5:00 pm EDT

Tuition: $325 Per Student

All registrations and payments are processed through Custom Canine Unlimited: Register for the Criminal Interdiction Basics course

The Criminal Interdiction Basics course is for law enforcement only and is taught by a current Criminal Interdiction team member using classroom instruction, role-playing, and practical exercises. This course is taught through experience, with the knowledge of current trends to provide a student with tools that can be immediately applied. All techniques taught in this course will apply to highway and street level criminal interdiction. You donít have to be on a major interstate to be successful.

The course outline is as follows:

Day One
The Encounter
Roadside Interviews
    Classroom Practical (Role Playing)

Day Two
Recap - Intro Day 2
Case Law
Courtroom Testimony
Vehicle Practical Scenarios
Hide Locations
Videos of Real Stops with Q/A and standards

Day Three
Recap - Intro Day 3
Tools of the Trade
Human Trafficking
Commercial Motor Vehicles


The Government Training Institutes Joint Operations Center (JOC), is a state-of-the-art tactical training facility located in Barnwell, South Carolina. GTI was founded in 2003 to address the tactical needs of U.S. law enforcement and military through research-based training.

The Joint Operations Center is well suited for military and law enforcement courses. We can customize the curricula and training site to fit your organization's tactical mission. Onsite course pricing is determined on an individual basis. Please contact us, using the information at the bottom of the page, for a quote. GTI training centers have classroom space (with A / V equipment), breakout rooms for small group skill stations, multiple structures for training simulations and an 800 Meter live fire range. GTI can also provide logistical support and secure equipment storage.