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Custom Built Curriculum

Because the mission and needs of your agency are inherent to you, a pre-defined curriculum may not be the best approach for your situation. GTI fully understands that what works extremely well for one department doesn’t necessarily provide solutions for the next.

GTI commonly works with agencies to build customized training programs for a specific unit or department to allow them to get the most of their training dollar. Agencies may pick and choose between pre-existing modules of instruction to build their own program, or, if there is something that GTI does not offer, yet has the expertise and equipment to provide top-notch training, we will build a custom curriculum from the ground up for the agency on a case-by-case basis.

GTI's Joint Operation Center (JOC) is a premier tactical training center for today's military and law enforcement personnel. GTI's JOC is available to solve your facilitation and training needs. To schedule a tour or for information on training contact GTI

GTI's Joint Operations Center (JOC) in Barnwell, South Carolina was formerly a nuclear fuels reprocessing plant that GTI has converted into a homeland security tactical training center for advanced law enforcement and military training scenarios. The Barnwell complex includes:

  • Decommission Nuclear Fuels Processing Plant
  • Over 200,000 Square Feet of Buildings
  • CQC Live Fire / Explosives Range - Scalable up to 300 Yards
  • 800 Meter Sniper Range
  • 50 Million Gallon Controlled Access Private-Water Training Area
  • Towers and Ascending Structures for Fast Roping and Rappelling at Multiple Heights and Difficulties
  • Certified Helipad - MH53 / CH47 Capable
  • Miles of pipes and large tanks for Fire / USAR / EMS - Confined Space
  • Secure Environment to Conduct a Wide Variety of Tactics, Techniques, Procedures, and Equipment Testing & Evaluation
  • Complex is Simunition® and SRTA ® Capable
  • Night Vision Electro Optics - Blackout Capable
  • Briefing Areas / Classrooms