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Close Quarters Battle (CQB): Tactical Entries in a Hostile Environment (3 Days)

This Course is designed around proven principles and tactics for close quarters battle that may be incorporated by Tactical Operators, Narcotic Officers and First Responders. Emphasis is placed on initiative based "free flow" techniques that enhance success in operator's decisiveness and maneuverability. This course develops "problem solvers" using techniques that are proven in hostile situations and dispel common misconceptions associated with close quarters battle. Within three days students will receive maximum amounts of practical applications for conducting close quarters battle. Emphasis will be placed on single/multiple rooms, hallways, stairways and complex structure designs. During this course students will conduct daily force on force scenarios and have a graded live exercise at the conclusion of the training.

Topics Covered:

  • Single and multiple room entry
  • Hallway clearing procedures
  • Stairwell clearing techniques
  • Assault planning
  • Multiple teams/multiple breach points
  • Sectorization
  • Tactical angles
  • Immediate threat techniques
  • Occupancy control

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