Government Training Institute


GTI strives to offer innovative real world training through its many course offerings, competent instructors and realistic training facility. Budget constraints in most departments force the prioritization of funds that sometimes eliminates training funds.

GTI is pleased to announce a new alternative payment option for law enforcement and military entities for training at GTI. Departments everywhere have excess department materials and equipment, forfeited items and confiscated items that would serve a department better as a barter item. Budget concerns are reduced for jurisdictional training needs now that GTI can accept assets in exchange for officer training or facility usage instead of cash payments.

Through a GTI affiliated company, BMG, Inc., we can now offer this service. We have modeled our program after one pioneered on a Federal level through the Department of Energy in their "assets for services" program.

We can accept:

  • Confiscated/forfeited merchandise, vehicles and equipment
  • Donated vehicles and equipment
  • Department vehicles, vessels and equipment
  • Weapons and ammunition
  • Almost anything of value in the open marketplace.

We also can trade "assets for assets" in some cases. For example, your department needs a new patrol car, bearcat, weapons systems or other equipment and no budgeted dollars are available. We can purchase the needed equipment, built to your specs, and take old cruisers, fire trucks, weapons, ammo, confiscated items, donated items and more in trade.

If the Assets for Services Program is a funding option of interest, please contact GTI via email: or by phone 866-938-5510 to discuss further.